Back to School: Demystifying Instagram

It’s common knowledge that the main purpose of Instagram is to post quirky and fun photos so that they can be seen and shared by others.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer either.  If you have just opened an account, or are thinking about it, here is a basic guideline on how to make it work for you.

Getting Started

If you haven’t done so already, you must open a free account.  As a platform almost exclusively for mobile use, a quick download of the Android or iPhone app to your mobile device must be done.  After a few simple questions, you are ready to go.  Now you will be allowed to post your own content and follow other “Instagramers”.  It’s user-friendly so posting your first photo will be a breeze.  Only a simple upload is required.  Intagram has editing options available, like filters that make your photos appear to have been done by a professional or by adding the” Lux” effect to enhance and enrich colors in the chosen image.  Connect to other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, in order to maximize your exposure and share with as many people as possible.

I Want to be Liked

You want followers to enjoy looking at the photos and videos that you post.  Since your account is public by default, use care in what you decide to share.  Offending other users is not the aim of Instagram.  Once you have posted your content, it is visible to followers.  The very first time that you complete this process, you will find yourself getting a big thrill from the number of “likes” that your photo has received.  This is the followers way of letting you know that they find your photo interesting and relevant to them.  If you have ever wished that there was a way of getting automatic likes, well there is.  Automatic likes may not be of any use to the average user, but getting Instagram automatic likes is of great value to businesses.  You can purchase Instagram automatic likes which will take care of the process for you.  Choose how many automatic likes you would like to see your content receive, and they will appear as if by magic.

Once you have gotten the hang of posting, sharing and following, you will find Instagram a marketing genius you can’t live without.